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Pallet Jack Malaysia

PumpUp Pte Ltd was established in 1998 in Malaysia as an importer and supplier of Pallet jack Malaysia . With more than 15 years of experience in these fields, and understanding customers’ requirements, we strive to be ahead of the competition in this industry by constantly improving our services and also developing the best available technology of products in order to serve the local market.


Our principal  HERCULIFT® USA is designed by American and manufactured in China in accordance to American standard by utilizing German Hydraulic Pump technology. Thus, quality and reliability is not compromised and undoubtedly the best that is available in the market while staying very competitive in terms of pricing. To top that off, we offer up to 3 years warranty on our products for peace of mind for Herculift material handling equipment such as drum handling equipment , electric pallet jack and electric stacker


If you want to find a reliable hand pallet truck, hand jack and other material handling equipment, kindly visit our official website at