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Custom Made Uniform Malaysia

MDT (Modern Day Textile) Garment began operations in 2012 as an expert garment maker specializing in producing customized and ready made uniforms and attire for business and leisure.

MDT specializes on Custom Made Uniform and offers comprehensive services for apparel manufacturing, from apparel design to finished goods.





MDT Garment focuses on attaining recycled traditional fabrics sourced from around the world and transform them into timeless, wearable collections. They believe in product recycling and effective waste management in order to play a part to green our planet. They are accessible through our branches domestically throughout East and West Malaysia and also internationally, focusing mainly in Southeast Asia.


MDT Garment is capable in taking on bulk orders and producing high quality garments of any style and design. Sourcing for factory uniform is not difficult, but it is extremely difficult to find a factory that is reliable, flexible and cost effective. MDT factory production include in fashion clothing, custom-made clothing, wholesale clothing, medical, nurse, hotel and restaurant clothing and also promotional clothing. MDT has worked hard to develop, fulfil and deliver the best quality garments for its customers and hence, achieving the company’s principle of ensuring ultimate customer experience


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